Digital Narrative Game Phase 5

Digital Narrative Game Phase 5

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How you modified it since first draft based on feedback 

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First and foremost, our game “Be Grateful” have changed a lot than the first draft because we decided to upgrade it a bit according to the feedbacks. The first thing that has changed is that we decided to add 2 different scenarios and give the player the opportunity to chose which scenario he or she wants to play. Therefore, the first scenario is about gratitude in your daily life, so it takes you through a journey in some small details of your daily life that you could see it normal or take it for granted to let you turn a bull eye on it and know its importance and its value in your life to be grateful and thankful. The second scenario is about a weekend vacation on an island alone and in this scenario we are trying to teach the player not to compare their lives with others and always be grateful and thankful for what they are passing through by making them imagining themselves in different situations and choose what suits them better. Thus, in this case we are trying to show the player that maybe you meet someone you love but you want some alone time, so you will not go and interact even if you are sociable. On the other hand, maybe someone always feels alone or love the presence of people so he would appreciate such a moment. Therefore, we are trying to let the player learn that the blessings from one person could differ one to another and sometimes what is a blessing for you now, late could not be because of the circumstances you are in. For example, sometimes having friends to talk too and go out with is a blessing, otherwise sometimes you need some alone time, so you feel it is a blessing. This implies that you should never compare your life to anyone else’s and should always be grateful, appreciative and thankful for your ups and downs.

Moreover, we have removed the consequences after each choice because the feedback was that they feel it is generalised and we decided to let the player choose a choice for the question that takes him or her to the other question and after they finish the scenario, they will find the consequences and a message they need to learn from this scenario and after that they will continue some few questions to make them include the feeling of being grateful and having gratitude journal daily. After that, they will end with a message for them. Furthermore, we added some visuals like picture to make it more fun and we were planning to do so, but we though that the first draft is only for the content.

What you would have done differently if you had more time

Me and Rawan have faced many obstacles and health problem in our lives while making this game and that is why we submitted after the deadline. Thus, I think that if we were in a better health and we had more time, we could have done a more visuals and designs because the powerpoint itself with the links took from us about 8 hours work only for the linking process because it was not working at all and we tried many things and many other videos to makes it work. Also, the other points like brainstorming, writing the questions, finalising the presentation, visuals, etc.. took from us a lot of time and because it is the first time for us to do so, it was quite confusing. Therefore, I think if we had more time, we would have focused on the visuals and transitions because it was hard for us to get another template and sit like another 12 or more hours to repeat the linking because it does not. work always and we faced many challenges while doing this act and sometimes it links wrong.

What you learned while making this game

Actually, in this game I have learned a lot about google presentation because it took us much time to learn more. about its details to be able to do the game, especially that I used powerpoint presentations more. I also liked how it made me view the meaning of gratitude and being grateful from different views and made me link it with self-competition and avoiding competing with others. Additionally, I learned how to create scenarios and try to link it with each others and have consequences. Finally, it made me put myself in the shoes of others more to feel them in order to create and think of questions that suits many people not only me.

I really enjoyed this assignment and it was fun and enjoyable. At the end, I want to say that this game was all a personal experience because me and Rawan have passed through a lot in our lives at a small age that made us view life from a different way. Each one of us has its own experience that mad us always feel thankful and grateful for what we go through and to always thank God for anything that happens for us. We also learned to appreciate the small details and to care for others and help others out always. Life could be tough sometimes for all of us because all of us have different journeys that have many ups and downs, so we always need to be tougher to handle all of this. Most importantly, we always need to be kind because we do not know what others are passing through because each of us could face many things that he or she does not talk about and go out and smile and laugh and that does not mean that this person does not have problems. Therefore, we always need to be grateful and thankful to be able to face anything in life because even if you are passing through bad days, God always gives you something to be happy for even if it is small. Thus, do not compare yourself with anyone and BE KIND! ALL PEOPLE ARE FACING PROBLEMS THAT WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!

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