Chosen Topic: Screening Surveillance Videos

Chosen Video: Frames

Video Link:

The Most Significant 2/3 Things Learned

Watching this video made me learn more about the power of technology and tracking, but I was amazed when I saw that the technology could be able to also identify how many times where 2 persons in the same place even if they do not know each others and the interaction level between them is it high or low. However, I believe that they are judging the person and its personality by only the actions done that is tracked and this could not be true. That is why I also learned that technology could sometimes fail.

How You Might Apply What You Learned in Your LifeĀ 

Actually, I will focus more in everything and every action or searching word used because we are tracked by our mobile phones, so I think that we need to also have more awareness about the cons of the technology to take care more. Additionally, If I lived to a moment that technology takes over everything and that we are always tracked, I will always makes sure of everything I do and this will make life so much harder because even if you are doing something good why it got tracked, it needs to be between you and God.

What You Enjoyed From Your Exploration That You Would Have Liked to Discuss in Class

I would like to discuss their opinion on whether they will enjoy living in a city that is tracked and technology is high or they do not because I am so curious to know why someone would like to live like that.

Finally, I do not have any additional questions, but I would love to watch more about technology advancement that could happen in the future.

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